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Pushing fuel economy further

After the launch of THE NEW LUB PROJECT and the new design of packagings, the contents are getting their own upgrade with new engine lubricant formulas that have been further adapted and enhanced for the latest vehicles.

Listening to the Market

The automotive market has a growing number of electric vehicles, from mild hybrids (48V) to traditional and plug-in hybrids. Furthermore, the latest thermal engines are using new injection and depolluting technologies. They are also smaller, and are often supercharged (using a turbocharger), which generates more extreme operating conditions. Inside the engine, energy is lost through the friction of the moving parts. Limiting this energy loss saves fuel and reduces pollutant emissions.  
Total Lubrifiants is keen to take on these new challenges and deliver an innovative solution to its customers by launching a new range of lubricant: QUARTZ XTRA. Made up of advanced synthetic lubricants, the QUARTZ XTRA range optimizes engine performance while protecting mechanical parts to improve longevity.


Fuel Savings thanks to Eco-Science Technology

The low viscosity (0w-20 and 0w-16) of the new QUARTZ XTRA range reduces friction inside the engine. As a result, using QUARTZ XTRA generates fuel savings of up to 4%*, a performance that surpasses the specifications set by the ACEA** up to 33%*** in terms of fuel savings relating to the use of a lubricant. This is down to TotalEnergies Lubrifiants’ Eco-Science technology. The antioxidant additives in QUARTZ XTRA allow the lubricant molecules to maintain their performance over time and make the product more resistant to the physical and chemical degradation exacerbated by extreme conditions in the engine. This minimizes oil oxidation while maintaining fuel savings and engine performance throughout the product’s lifespan.  
QUARTZ XTRA products with Eco-Science technology are a winning combination to meet consumers’ needs. The new QUARTZ XTRA range is available for all engine types: QUARTZ 9000 XTRA for vehicles without a particulate filter and QUARTZ INEO XTRA for vehicles with one.

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants, a Responsible Energy Company

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants is contributing to the Group’s ambition to become the responsible energy major. Nearly 55% of the products in the QUARTZ XTRA range carry the Ecosolutions label, which is certified by an independent body based on extremely rigorous specifications and manufacturing processes.  
Some automotive manufacturers have already switched to this new range, including Aston Martin, which recommends QUARTZ INEO XTRA DYNAMICS 0W-20 in after-sales. 

*4.01%, based on the ACEA M111 fuel economy test. Result for QUARTZ INEO XTRA DYNAMICS 0W-20 compared to the industry benchmark defined by the ACEA. 
**European Automobile Manufacturers Association. 
***Result for QUARTZ INEO XTRA DYNAMICS 0W-20 compared to the industry benchmark defined by the ACEA M111 fuel economy test.