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When you choose to use TotalEnergies' extensive range of products, you do not compromise on quality. You not only ensure that you're treating vehicles with optimum care, but you're also giving yourself options. TotalEnergies' high-performance TotalEnergies and ELF brand ranges offer you just the right product.

Products that provide performance

Why is TotalEnergies one of the most respected names on the market? Because we hold ourselves to high standards. TotalEnergies is committed to intensive, continuous research and development to create products that:

  • protect against wear by reducing friction and corrosion,
  • prevent engines from overheating,
  • safeguard cylinder compression and maximize engine efficiency,
  • ensure engines are clean by preventing the deposit of impurities,
  • help reduce fuel consumption , thereby cutting running costs,
  • benefit the environment by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutant