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Hellas S.A. is the greek affiliate of TotalEnergies Group, being responsible for the Marketing and Services branch in Greece, North Macedonia, Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Georgia and Armenia. Our business scope is towards supplying the automotive market and industries with lubricants, coolants and chemicals, and supporting our customers with services and innovative solutions that aim to reduce costs and increase efficiency and longevity of the equipment. 
The line of the products we supply the markets with, are: 

  • Quartz and Elf Evolution series of lubricants for the passenger cars
  • Rubia and Elf Performance series for the heavy duty on-road market
  • Rubia Works for the heavy duty off-road applications
  • Elf lubricants for the motorcycle owners
  • Caprano series of lubricants, intended for use of coastal ships and light vessels
  • Glacelf and Coolelf coolants
  • TotalEnergies series of industrial lubricants and greases
  • ANAC service of used oil analysis

Qualified sales representatives are located throughout the country, developing network of both direct and indirect supply channels, and our technical specialist is available in solving application queries.

Learn more about Hellas and its activities by contacting us