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High-Quality greases

TotalEnergies is one of the few oil companies operating plants specializing in the production of greases. TotalEnergies has a worldwide presence due to its plants based in many countries. They rank among the best in the world today and are considered to be among the most modern.

They are also environmentally friendly (the use of lead and other heavy metals is banned in our products) and discharge no harmful waste.

A guarantee of a high-technology product

Substantial sums are invested every year in grease development research. The research laboratory  uses the highest-performing equipment along with cutting-edge techniques .And lastly, laboratory and bench testing and constant contact with equipment manufacturers enable us to improve our greases constantly and anticipate future needs.

A varied product offering to meet our customers’ different needs

Incorrect product recommendation can have serious consequences. Although a modern multi-purpose grease of superior quality can meet the needs of almost 75% of applications requiring grease lubrication, the remaining 25% demand a large number of special greases.


Discover TotalEnergies greases and find the right one for the application you need.