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VIA road safety game

For even more road safety knowledge and gaming, TotalEnergies Foundation and Michelin Corporate Foundation have created the VIA * online game for children, between 10 to 18 years old.

This fun, interactive game aims to raise awareness of the dangers of road traffic.
Through a quiz, it focuses on five modes of transportation: walking, cycling, motorcycle, car and public transportation. The game reminds users of general safety rules, introduces new ideas and proposes useful best practices. Each question is a different level and each answer is accompanied by a short explanation.

You can access the VIA road safety game on your PC or Google Play: .
The game is free to download and available in English and French on tablets and smartphones.
For those who do not have access to the platform, you may find the VIA game here: 

*Founded by the Michelin Foundation and TotalEnergies Foundation, the VIA Global Road Safety Awareness Program uses an interactive teaching method and aims to help young people moving in safer cities and streets. The program uses innovative and creative teaching styles, allowing young people to adapt their behavior to the external environment.
Find more information about TotalEnergies Foundation here: 

VIA road safety game