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The cement industry has stringent lubrication requirements. Plants and machinery are subjected to rigorous operating conditions and TotalEnergies guarantees high-quality oils and greases to improve your productivity and avoid unplanned downtime.

TotalEnergies industrial lubricants both ensure optimum performance and improve protection for equipment such as gears. With our state-of-the-art oil and grease technology, you will save the costs of maintenance and of energy consumed by crushers and all other cement production machinery. We provide you with support, and guarantee the best lubricants in all these different phases:

  • Extraction
  • Crushing, conveying and grinding
  • Firing


TotalEnergies knows that cement industry manufacturers are operating under strict restrictions:

  • Severe operating conditions
    Extreme temperatures
    Heavy loads and high pressures
  • High value manufacturing equipments
    High CAPEX
    Increase of the lifetime of the equipments
  • Continuous process
    High costs of shutdowns
    Safety of lubrication operations
  • Energy intensive industry
    Research for reducing environmental impact
    Optimization of fuel and lubricant consumption


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