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Rubia protects your engine




  • RUBIA products have been tested and approved more than 200 times by major Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEMs-).
    These approvals are the guarantee certificates and confirm that RUBIA products are 100% compatible with the engine technology of these manufacturers.
  • R&D center of TotalEnergies in Solaize develops tailor-made lubricants.
    Products are a result of close collaboration with the heavy vehicle manufacturers in order to meet their very demanding technical requirements. 
  • Premium and tailor-made products to increase your operational efficiency.
    TotalEnergies increases operational performance, thanks to:
    - RUBIA premium engine oil range, tested in actual conditions and approved by Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers
    - ANAC Fleet Management System, based on used oil analysis and supported by its technical services team on the field
TOTAL RUBIA, it's time to trust your engine oil



Engine Longevity

Longer oil change

Smoother and efficient

Protection against mechanical

Resistance against oxidation

Synthetic base oils with exceptional
anti-oxydant additives improve
RUBIA products' resistance
to oxidation, even under extreme 
temperatures, thus extending oil
drain intervals.

Better wear protection and engine

RUBIA products with special
anti-wear additives diminish the amount
of harmful deposits by keeping them
dispersed. The products increase
engine’s longevity and make it
run smoothly and more efficiently.



Lower oil

Equipment longevity,
reduced maintenance

Fuel Economy properties

Protection against mechanical
Better wear protection and
engine cleanliness

RUBIA products
with special anti-wear
additives diminish the amount
of engine oil entering
the combustion chamber and, by
that, decrease oil consumption.



Compatibility with exhaust gas
after treatment systems

With their “low-SAPS”
(low sulphated ash, phosphorus 
and sulphur) technology, 
RUBIA products prevent the 
clogging of diesel particulate 
filters (DPFs) and protect engines
equipped with post-treatment 
systems, decreasing maintenance
costs and caring for the environment.

Excellent protection even with
low viscosities

Engine oils can offer Fuel Economy
advances through viscosity control
and friction reduction. Lowering
lubricant's viscosity reduces the
overall friction in the engine,
providing Fuel Economy benefits.
 RUBIA FE range is approved
by Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers for
their engines to achieve their FE targets.


Discover all RUBIA range here. 


Fuel Economy new picto
Over 20 years of FE Experience 
TotalEnergies has been developing FE products since the 1990s. Today, the one third of  TotalEnergies engine oils that are sold worldwide is developed with FE technology. 




FE Partnerships with OEMs
RUBIA TIR FE range is developed in close collaboration with major OEMs. Therefore, the products are fully approved to be used in their engines in order to achieve their FE targets.




FE Lubricants for every application
Our wide range of FE products are suitable for every application, including engines, gearboxes, and axles.




Tested on Real Roads and Certified for Fuel Savings 
TOTAL FE lubricants are tested on real fleets operating in everyday conditions, and certified by independent testing organizations like TÜV Rheinland, UTAC, and Millbrook.