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Performance exceeding automotive industry standards.

TOTAL RUBIA FLEET Range is developed for high mileage trucks circulating in very difficult road and fuel conditions. TOTAL RUBIA FLEET products surpass the performance standards defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), and meet the requirements of major Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers. Thanks to their Clean-Shield Technology, TOTAL RUBIA FLEET products take care of the cleanliness of the engines even in the presence of hi-sulphur fuels, confirming that they are protected against mechanical wear and making them run more efficiently for a longer time.

Here are the benefits of using TOTAL RUBIA with Clean-Shield technology:

  • Keeps engine parts clean
  • Surpasses API and ACEA Specifications
  • Offers longer engine life
  • Ensures lower oil consumption

TOTAL RUBIA FLEET Range, using high level of active detergent molecules, permits to neutralize acidic species and protects the engine against corrosion. Clean-Shield Technology with its high Total Base Number (TBN) content is specially designed to maintain the cleanliness of engine parts and to ensure protection against corrosion and wear; making your engines run smoothly for longer time.

Up to 67% less deposit formation compared to API CH-4 Industry Limits. *

* Cat 1K Test (Top groove fill)


TOTAL RUBIA FLEET with Clean-Shield technology is developed for high mileage trucks operating in very tough conditions, and keeps engines cleaner even when hi-sulphur fuels are present.