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LubAnac Oil Diagnosis

The corporate global oil diagnosis system of TotalEnergies
Our diagnosis reports are based on the analysis of used oil (Lub), providing an important saving for the customer concerning maintenance costs of his vehicle/equipment, with a diagnosis based on a statistical approach, the LubAnac diagnosis (LubAnac is the complete range of oil analysis adapted for any automotive and industrial application). 

A lube oil diagnosis service, unlike any other
LubAnac stands out on two levels:

  • The application of the most advanced oil analysis techniques in a pioneering European analysis center
  • A unique database:
    • for automotive: on calculated wear limits for every automotive component part (engine oil analysis, gearbox oil analysis, axle oil analysis, hydraulic oil analysis, synthetic oil analysis, cooling liquid analysis, …) and fluid (oil and coolants) characteristics
    • for industry: specific condemning limits for all TotalEnergies’ Industrial oils, taking into account the oil characteristics (oil viscosity, oil contamination…), additivation and application.

A big range of oil diagnosis services dedicated to your activity:

  • Automotive: Construction Equipment / Mining, Transport of freight or passengers, Truck retailers, Agriculture, Inland Marine.
  • Industry: Automotive manufacturing, Aviation, Chemicals, Cement, Energy production, Food, Metalworking, Paper, Steel Industry, Textiles, Wood

More than 45 years of experience in oil diagnosis
LubAnac today combines more than 45 years expertise of TotalEnergies company. The technical knowledge on engine wear behavior and oil/ cooling liquid residual quality was combined in one central database, now used by the central European oil analysis laboratory in Ertvelde (Belgium) as well as by the worldwide network of overseas LubAnac “Weblink” oil analysis labs.
Today LubAnac is an important tool for TotalEnergies customers, helping them to make savings on the use of their vehicle and/or equipment. Due to the big data stored in the database, LubAnac became a partner of the R&D departments of many manufacturers.

LubAnac Key figures:

  • More than 10,000 customers worldwide
  • More than 8.5 million oil samples analyzed
  • Active in 100 countries
  • Reports available in 19 languages
  • Laboratories:
    • 1 main European LubAnac center in Ertvelde, Belgium which also hosts the worldwide database
    •  A network of overseas "Weblink" local laboratories for used oil analysis connected to the central database.
  • Case studies prove financial returns of the LubAnac oil analysis use of at least 9 on 1.
  • Used by a large number of heavy-duty manufacturers for the monitoring of vehicles and machines on extended warranty or maintenance contracts.