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22/02/2021 News

3rd Edition of free MOOC* "Energy Transition: Innovation Towards a Low-Carbon Future", supported by Total Foundation

Energy Transition: Innovation Towards a Low-Carbon Future

Total Hellas is promoting the 3rd edition of the free MOOC " Energy Transition: Innovation Towards a Low-Carbon Future ", launched by IFP School with the support of Total Foundation.

Total Foundation is a global program, through which Total aims to contribute to development in its host communities and regions, alongside its partners. With a special focus on young people, its four priority areas of action are: 1) road safety, 2) climate, coastal areas and oceans, 3) youth inclusion and education, and 4) cultural dialogue and heritage. Its social engagement is integral to Total’s ambition to become the responsible energy major.
The support on this MOOC is in line with the commitment to Youth Inclusion and Education.
Learn more about Total Foundation here:

The MOOC " Energy Transition: Innovation Towards a Low-Carbon Future" is intended either for students and professionals interested in the energy transition challenges and innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. But more specifically it is intended for those willing to gain knowledge about developing a decarbonized energy mix based on both renewables and natural gas, underground CO2 and energy storage, energy efficiency and CO2 abatements in processes, biofuels. In general, for those who are convinced that climate change is really a challenge that can also be sustained through concrete solutions and societal awareness.

This new innovative free on-line course will open to all on March 8, in English, French and Spanish, and will offer free certification.

It includes 5 weeks classes with short 5-to-10-minutes videos and an estimated 2-3h attendance per week.

You can sign-up here: 
And watch teaser here:

For more information you can contact us at [email protected]