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Electric vehicles charging solutions

TotalEnergies and Electromobility

Having a long-term presence in the energy sector and wanting to consistently meet the needs of its customers, TotalEnergies is playing a more and more active role in electrical and sustainable mobility.
Mobility is one of the key pillars of human life and development. Thus, dealing with climate challenge and technology evolution, TotalEnergies is committed to developing and providing solutions in the field of electromobility. In fact, part of its ambition is the function over 150,000 charging stations by 2025 across Europe.

Here are some significant achievements of TotalEnergies worldwide:

  • Installation and operation of 20,000 charging stations in Netherlands.
  • Operation of 2,300 charging stations of Bélib network in Paris.
  • Operation of the Source London network, with more than 2,300 charging stations in London.
  • Operation of the Blue Charge network, with more than 1,500 charging stations in Singapore.

TotalEnergies Marketing Hellas Offer

TotalEnergies Marketing Hellas offers an integrated set of charging services, addressed either to workshops or to other companies wishing to install chargers in their facilities. Specifically, this set includes:

  • Supply and installation of a whole connected solution
  • Connection of the charger to TotalEnergies network and providing of usage reports
  • Ease of maintenance and 24/7 user support
  • Differentiated services depending on the profiles and user needs

TotalEnergies Marketing Hellas has already started the development of an EV Charging Network in Greece, having already installed 70 new charging points.

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Our goal is to offer our services to as many places as possible for our users. In workplaces, parking lots, garages and hotels, users can find a TotalEnergies charging point.

In case you are interested in the charging solutions offered by our company or in connecting your existing charger to the TotalEnergies-ChargingGreece network, you may contact us here.