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Nissan and TotalEnergies, partners in innovation


Nissan and TotalEnergies have successfully built a global partnership through continuous innovation over the last 10 years. This has been mutually beneficial to both companies, having pooled their expertise in technology, marketing initiatives and in motorsports competition on race circuits around the world.

Nissan genuine oil designed by TotalEnergies

Nissan Genuine Oils are the products born of this strong partnership and collaboration. Using TotalEnergies Lubricants’ expertise, Nissan Genuine Oils are technologically advanced lubricants, specifically designed to maximize the power and performance of Nissan vehicles.

Nissan Motor Oils are approved and recommended by Nissan for all petrol and diesel engines. Nissan Motor Oils are high-quality products with an optimized viscosity to reduce friction whilst maintaining protection against wear at low start-up temperatures. Top performance and protection are maintained throughout the lifespan of the engine.

TotalEnergies, Technological Partner of NISSAN ZEOD RC

NISSAN and TotalEnergies cooperated in 2014 on a highly innovative and technically challenging project: NISSAN “ZERO EMISSIONS ON DEMAND” Racing Car (ZEOD RC).


History was made at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2014, when the Nissan ZEOD RC* completed a full all-electric lap of the legendary 13.6-kilometer circuit during qualifying, at speeds matching GT category cars.

The prototype attracted attention when it clocked 300 kilometers per hour without using a single drop of gasoline.

The lubricants TotalEnergies supplied for the Nissan ZEOD RC were customized, drawing on our wide motorsports expertise.

The engine oil was adapted to the requirements of a powerful 400 horsepower engine, downsized in term of size and weight (3 cylinders, 1.5 liters, 40 Kg), and fully capable of performing on a par with current F1 engines. The battery fluid ensured good reliability and boosted engine performance.