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08/06/2021 News

Total Hellas S.A. installs its first EV charger in Greece

Athens, June 8, 2021 – In the context of the development of new forms of mobility in Greece, Total Hellas S.A. extends its activities by providing charging solutions with the installation of its first EV charger in Athens. For the implementation of this project, Total Hellas S.A. cooperated with FORTISIS, pioneer provider of electric power solutions that has been operating since 2013 the first public charging network in the country. Our common objective is to make electric charging accessible and simple for all our customers, meet their needs and deliver the best experience.

The first TotalEnergies charger, installed at one of our partners’ premises, is a 2 x 22 kVA AC. The management system delivers a complete set of up to date services for EV charging, including remote control and integrated load balancing. 
As a broad energy company, TotalEnergies is committed to making a significant contribution to the energy transition with the ambition to become the responsible energy major. In response to climate challenges and changes in technologies and uses, electricity is playing an increasingly important role in the transformation of land transportation with the emergence of electro-mobility. We wish to participate in the development of tomorrow's mobility in Greece. Thanks to the Group's pool of skills, we are present across the entire value chain to support users with operational, reliable and easy-to-use charging solutions.
Finally, in 2018 TotalEnergies launched a pioneering line of fluids for electric vehicles. Produced thanks to important efforts of the Group’s R&D teams, these products have been specially developed to meet the cooling and lubrication needs of the various components of these new types of engines and to ensure that they remain in peak condition throughout their lifetime. Two new product lines are available to automakers: Quartz EV Fluid, for light vehicles, and Rubia EV Fluid, for industrial & utility vehicles and electric buses.