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05/05/2021 News

TOTAL HELLAS S.A. on the side of the earthquake victims and residents of Elassona

During this extremely difficult period that our country is going through due to the pandemic, the residents of Elassona area are facing another unpleasant situation left behind by the strong seismic sequence of last month. As a result, many families have been forced to live in temporary lodges.

Total Hellas with a sense of social contribution, solidarity and responsibility, contributes to the effort of protecting those people against the pandemic that is still present. In this context and in consultation with the Regional Governance of Thessaly, Total Hellas offers 695 sets of antiseptic products in order to meet part of the needs of the earthquake victims and to help protect them especially under these difficult conditions in which they have to live.

This action is supported by the company Hygiene Service that supplied the kits of antiseptics to Total Hellas and offered 45 kits more by their side.

With a sense of respect to society, Total Hellas contributes in its own way to tackling this crisis and wishes to the people of this region to come out of it soon and stronger.