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16/06/2021 News

Total Hellas S.A. supports for 2nd time the staff of PAMMAKARISTOS hospital with donation of meals

Athens, 16th of June 2021 – Total Hellas S.A. with a sense of social contribution, solidarity and responsibility, continues to support the effort of the National Health System to deal with the pandemic of Covid-19.

Recognizing the valuable contribution of the medical and nursing staff, our company -for second time- became aware and responded to the request of the reference hospital and vaccination center PAMMAKARISTOS in order to meet the nutritional needs of the people who are constantly on the front line. Total Hellas S.A. assigned its partner, the bakery and confectionery company STERGIOU, to prepare and distribute free meals to the hospital staff for one month, thus assisting in their continuous effort to treat patients and in the vaccination process. The donation of meals started on June 7 and is addressed to 350 employees. The distribution of meals is taking place every 2 days, by suitable refrigerators of the company STERGIOU, in consultation with the responsible people of the hospital.

With a sense of gratitude for the work of doctors and nursing staff, but also with a sense of respect for society, Total has contributed in its own way to tackling this crisis and now, as TotalEnergies, continues to stands by the people who are daily fighting against this situation.