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TotalEnergies: exclusive partner of Mazda



TotalEnergies and Mazda have been partners since 2003.

TotalEnergies and Mazda, the partneship

TotalEnergies and Mazda renewed in February 2016 their partnership in automotive lubricants for a period of 5 years. This partnership extends the exclusive supply of the Mazda Original Oils range formulated and produced by TotalEnergies Lubricants to more than 2,300 garages, repair shops and authorized dealers in over 45 countries, mainly in Europe.

From the beginning of this partnership, the engines protected by Mazda lubricants developed by TotalEnergies have driven more than 140 billion kilometers. TotalEnergies research teams have developed a lubricants range that perfectly matches Mazda’s technical requirements to improve the energy performance of its vehicles. The engine and transmission oils sold through the Mazda network benefit from the latest technologies in terms of both engine protection and emission reduction.

Thanks to the tests conducted with Mazda engines in the TotalEnergies research center, several lubricants of this range meet the particularly demanding Skyactiv specifications. The Skyactiv engine technologies were developed by Mazda to give drivers the full benefit of outstanding ecological performance without compromising performance and driving pleasure.

“The renewal of this partnership confirms our commitment to accompanying Mazda in its technological and commercial successes. The technological innovations incorporated into our lubricants are a decisive factor for the continued development of new engines and new engine technologies. The performance of the lubricants and the quality of the services – in particular in terms of training – provided by our teams to the garages, repair shops and dealerships directly serve the customers of the Mazda network,”  declared Philippe Charleux, TotalEnergies Lubricants CEO(2016).

Jeff Guyton President and CEO of Mazda Europe, pointed out:

“Our partnership with TotalEnergies is strategically important for Mazda and for our customers. With the development of our new generation engines, excellent lubrication performance is essential for the performance and durability of the engines. The benefit from using Mazda Original Oil is obvious for our dealers and our customers.”

About Mazda

Mazda Motor Cooperation is an international automotive company, based in Hiroshima, Japan. The carmaker, best known for its iconic roadster Mazda MX-5, employs more than 44,000 employees worldwide. In its four R&D centers in Japan, North America, Europe and China, engineers and designers are working on the company’s next model generations, including Mazda’s SKYACTIV Technology as well as the KODO – Soul of Motion design. Lead by the headquarters in Hiroshima, Mazda’s global business is operated in 384 sales companies in more than 120 countries.